Do you have chronic illness or health challenges constantly robbing  you of your energy, your light, your joy, and your time?

Have you ever wished you had more energy and brain power to focus on what you are meant to do and what really fills your heart with inspiration and joy?

I know what that feels like because I’ve lived with chronic illness myself for over 29 years.  Managing ME/CFS (myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome), Mollaret’s meningitis (recurring viral meningitis/encephalitis), fibromyalgia and depression, I’ve acquired a treasure trove of tools and wisdom to support others struggling to live their most inspired Life in the face of chronic illness.

The Truth is, my journey through chronic illness hell paves the road, from me to you.

Whether you are seeking ……

………a healthier lifestyle

………better balance and posture

………more strength and vitality

………greater peace and deeper spirituality

………connection to a social network of others who understand

………resources for extra support or

………just an improvement in your overall Wellbeing,

having support from someone who also lives and breathes the chronic illness journey can mean the difference between living from your Purpose and living from your pain.

So feel free to connect with me via social media, email, or come to one of my classes or events.

Peruse my OMStore with high vibe and energy rich products from handmade wreaths that will bless your home and all who are in it to handmade bOdyMantra™ notions and potions to LoveUP your body and your senses.

Reach out to me if I can support you or a Loved One along your healing journey on a more private level with Coaching, Yoga Therapy or Spiritual Counseling.
You are not alone.
Rise & Shine, Dear Ones.

“We are all just walking each other home.”  Ram Dass


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