Riding My Bike ~ A Poem by, Lori Wise

Sometimes, when I am riding my bike
I feel like I am on my throne, my chariot, my carriage,
like I’m in a fairy tale, riding off into the sunset of my Life.
Everything seems so vibrant,
like all the colors of God are bursting at their color seams.
The birds chirp at me as I ride by.
They greet me with their bird words that somehow I intuitively understand.
Even the flowers speak to me with their fragrant blooms,
their perfumed scents hanging in the air, waiting for me,
as if they knew I were coming this way and hung around just for me.
Often times I’ll pick up a companion,
buzzing around me in circles as I peddle, making me giggle,
as I hear Bee’s greetings for my day.
Peddling casually, yet joyfully, I seem to be Aware,
and I see It,
I see it from a Seeing Place,
the Golden Thread that connects my bike,
the colors,
the pavement,
the bee,
the birds,
the flowers,
the breeze,
the trees,
the warm sun,
the scent of Divine Mother that still lingers in my nostrils,
the other bike riders, and walkers, and car drivers
that are also riding, walking and peddling off into the sunset of their own Life.
I am Aware,
gloriously, drunkenly, divinely Aware
that I can see the Golden Thread that connects It All.
I can see It, I can feel It, I can taste It, I can smell It, I can hear It.
But greatest of all,
I Know It. I Know It from my Knowing Place.
And the smile that Knowing brings on the inside,
bubbles it’s way to the outside
where it appears on my face for All to see,
as I peddle into the sunset of my Life,
smiling, and Knowing.

Written by: Lori Wise 5/30/2010


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