Mani/Pedi Revelations ~ by, Lori Wise

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Relaxing in the chair that massages my back while my pedicurist, Phan, was carefully and meticulously perfecting my toenails and my feet, I felt an overwhelming sense of healing and Love from Divine Mother flowing through her to me.

As Phan so carefully and lovingly filed my toenails, sloughed off the dead skin on my feet, and began rubbing my calves, feet and toes with lotion, I began to witness the realization unfolding in me as Divine Mother brought healing to my calves and feet through the hands of my pedicurist. Sitting back with my eyes closed in bliss, I found myself lost in a mantra of thankfulness, repeating over and over again “Thank you, Divine Mother, for loving me through Phan’s hands.” This mantra played over and over again in my heart as though it was a part of my actual heartbeat. It was a profound thought to me that even though Phan had no idea I have pain in my hands and feet from ‘posturing’, mostly at night while I am sleeping, she somehow managed to gravitate to the exact places I needed her healing touch. Even as my mind would think, “Oh, just a little lower,” she would instantly move to that spot as though she could telepathically read my thoughts. I could feel the stress and tension melting away with every rub of her hands as though Divine Mother were doing it HerSelf. I could imagine the newly created space in my muscles being filled with healing Love and Light, and realized that Phan didn’t even need to be aware that Divine Mother was healing me through her. I didn’t even need to know, for that matter, but today, I did know.

It moved me so greatly that I began to see how Divine Mother loves me in a myriad of ways I hadn’t previously thought of before. For instance, I’m lucky enough to have a Significant Other that enjoys rubbing my hands. They do get swollen and sore sometimes, from the posturing, and he so kindly will sit with me on the couch and rub them as we watch television together. His touch feels so warm and healing to my tired, sore, swollen fingers, and brings much relief to not only my hands and fingers, but my entire body relaxes as a result. Sometimes the relief is so great, I can only close my eyes and repeat in my heart, “Thank you, Divine Mother, for loving me through Dominic’s hands.”

With this new shift in my perspective, I am also able to see Divine Mother loving and healing me through the hands of my masseuse. As part of my Wellness Plan, I try to get at least one massage a month and since my pedicure revelations, it has been an even more wonderful experience for me. As my masseuse gently rids my muscles of stress and tension, my heart and Soul fill with Love from Divine Mother. Once again, lost in my bliss, my heart can only repeat the mantra, “Thank you, Divine Mother, for loving me through my masseuse’s hands.”

My realization continues to gain momentum as I can see plainly how Divine Mother nourishes me through the hands of the chefs at Chipotle and In-N-Out Burger, and all restaurants, for that matter. Even on the plane ride out here to Orlando, FL I was able to see how Divine Mother nourished me through the flight attendants by offering me water and juice and other snacks to stave off hunger.

Realizing all the various ways Divine Mother feeds me, feeds my soul, and feeds my heart has been incredibly profound and enlightening. Even now, as I type this blog, sitting at the beautiful desk in my hotel room at the Gaylord Palms Hotel (which to our surprise was so graciously and spontaneously upgraded to a beautiful Executive Suite upon check-in), I recognize the housekeeper emptying the trash, providing fresh, clean towels for me and Dominic to use, and putting fresh clean sheets on the bed are simply Divine Mother, flowing through the housekeeper to us, taking care of us, usually without us even acknowledging it. Except for this time. This time I acknowledge it.

I think of the reference in the Bible that says that [paraphrasing] not even the birds of the air are concerned for God takes care of them. Why, then, should I, being made in the image of God, fear for a single thing? Don’t I know that God/Divine Mother will also take care of me? Yes, yes I do.  “Thank you Divine Mother for loving me through all people.”

Aum ~ Peace ~ Amen


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