A Yoga Teacher’s Prayer ~ by, Lori Wise

Sharing yoga with others fills me with pure joy.  I feel blessed beyond measure to share and teach yoga as a profession.  Many times I forget that I’m actually getting paid as yoga feels so natural to me, as though I am just sharing a part of myself with others.

Among the standard preparations for my yoga classes, such as researching, planning, practicing, etc., there is a prayer that flows from the halls of my heart directly to Divine Mother’s ears before every opportunity to share yoga.  I thought I would share it with you today…..“Divine Mother, Thank You for this day.
Thank you for this opportunity to share yoga with others.
Help me to be a clear channel that You may flow through me to the people that are in class today.
Give me the right words, phrases, asanas and breathing techniques.
Give me the right mind, heart and Spirit, Divine Mother.
Help the people that are in class to be open and receptive to receive whatever it is that they may need to receive from You today.
Aum ~ Peace ~ Amen”This is my prayer and I say it silently from my heart religiously before every single class I teach, whether it be in the studio, with seniors or a private client.  A few weeks ago I forgot to say the prayer.  Afterwards, when I realized I didn’t say the prayer before the class I started to feel uneasy and anxious.  Maybe the class wasn’t as good as it could have been simply because I forgot to say the prayer.  What if somehow my neglect of this sacred ritualistic prayer caused someone to not receive something they needed through me.Suddenly, the most amazing Peace fell over me and I heard this knowing in my heart that conveyed the message, “Every breath you take is filled with this prayer.  Do you think I’m only flowing through you when you stop to say this prayer?  Dear One, you have opened yourself up to Me and now I am always flowing through you to others.  The flow doesn’t stop after class, Dear One.” I felt the smile in Divine Mother’s heart as this message was lovingly telepathically conveyed to my Heart.This message was very reassuring to me and helped me understand the rituals we create to draw us closer to Divine can be a wonderful thing.  On the other hand, those same rituals can become a box that we must now live in to feel as though we are connected to Divine, almost as though we are creating boundaries for the Divine to exist in.  My eyes have been opened to the knowing that it’s not the words that connect me to Divine, it’s my intention.  I can still be connected to Divine even outside the perimeter of my prayer.  In fact, there are no perimeters between me and Divine Mother except the ones I create, and even then, those are an illusion.My heart overflows with gratitude for this liberating gift of knowing from Divine Mother.  I still carry this Peace with me today and have set my intention on sharing that Peace with All who cross my path.   May you be filled with the knowing that you, too, are always connected to the Divine.

Aum ~ Shanti ~ Amen

What do you do for a living?  Is it possible to see yourself as a channel for the Divine to flow through you as you perform your job to the people you work with or your customers?  What rituals do you use to further your connection to the Divine?


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