Red Light Revelations ~ by, Lori Wise

Leaving my First Aid/CPR certification class Saturday morning, happy to have gotten out a little early, I cruise down the road listening to my favorite tunes on my iPod. As I gain momentum on the road, suddenly the stoplight changed red.  It wasn’t one of those, “oh, I can make it through before it turns red” light.  I stopped so abruptly I was left the first person at the light.  This is happening several times in a row.  On the fourth stop in a row, my frustration is growing rapidly.  Awareness came over me and I clearly saw this red light occurrence mirroring Life.  I clearly saw the lesson inside my ‘head’.  Just as we get our momentum going in Life a road block or ‘red light’ appears out of nowhere and suddenly stops us in our tracks.  I realized that each time I was abruptly halted at the red-light, my position was quite advantageous, being the first car at the light.  Awareness grew and I saw how road blocks or ‘red lights’ we often experience in Life are actually gifts from Source. We are being repositioned to the most advantageous place we can be when the light turns green again.  This revelation reminds me how Source doesn’t halt us just so He/She can taunt us.  Source equals Love and everything happening is from Source.  Therefore, everything happening is from Love, including road blocks and abrupt red lights.  If road blocks and red lights are gifts from Love, what other seemingly frustrating and difficult happenings in Life are also Love’s way of repositioning us to our most advantageous place?

“In this Life many demolitions are actually renovations.”  ~Rumi


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