A Day …. or a Life? ~ A Poem by, Lori Wise

There is this book.  It’s a secret book.  A secret book of poems I have written throughout my life lives on the top shelf of the closet, unnoticeable, tucked away.  After many years of neglect, a strange urging prompted me to take the secret book down and open it.  Secured safely inside are the vintage ramblings of a girl who’s only hope was to pour out her heart and soul onto a blank piece of paper, letting the written words heal the pain, or celebrate the joy.

Here is one of those poems …..
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Getting My Art On ~ by, Lori Wise


My artistic side is finally emerging after being dormant for many years.  Even though I’ve colored mandalas inside my Coloring Mandalas 2, For Balance, Harmony, and Spiritual Well-Being, by Susanne F. Fincher for over a dozen years, I’ve never tried my hand at freely drawing mandalas.

After purchasing a set of colorful sharpie markers in anticipation of my growing Mandala drawing inspirations, the mandala below is what I made.  

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Living Wisdom School Rules – by, Lori Wise

The Living Wisdom School at Ananda in Palo Alto, California, a private school for grades pre-k through 8th grade, have bright yellow cards with the school “rules” printed on them.  The school is located just outside the studio where I teach yoga at Ananda.  I picked up one of these lively cards the other day after class.  The words on this cheerful paper delighted my Soul!  These are excellent rules to live by, even for those beyond 8th grade: Continue reading