A Day …. or a Life? ~ A Poem by, Lori Wise

There is this book.  It’s a secret book.  A secret book of poems I have written throughout my life lives on the top shelf of the closet, unnoticeable, tucked away.  After many years of neglect, a strange urging prompted me to take the secret book down and open it.  Secured safely inside are the vintage ramblings of a girl who’s only hope was to pour out her heart and soul onto a blank piece of paper, letting the written words heal the pain, or celebrate the joy.

Here is one of those poems …..

A Day … or a Life?

Dusk subsides as dawn takes over.
Another day has been christened.
What a glorious glow the sun has to offer this day.
Rise morning glories … rise!!
Droplets of dew moisten the earth,
glimmering and sparkling like diamonds.
Setting of a portrait.
I must photograph this moment in my mind.
Cool is the morning breeze.
Softly billowing through the trees.
Look alive leaves … look alive!!
Earthworms surface to catch a ray.
All too soon the baby birds are fed.
Morning dew, cool breezes, warm sun rays, birds singing.
The flowers begin to awaken.
Bloom flowers … bloom!!
The sun heads home as it is done for the day.
Goodbye morning glories … goodbye!!
The birds sleep as darkness takes over.
Goodnight leaves … goodnight!!
The cool night air … it begins to linger.
Goodbye blooms … goodbye!!
This day has been beautiful!!
I shall cherish it forever!

by, Lori Wise
July 3, 1990
(‘for P.H.’ is written in the margin, but I cannot remember who P.H. is/was)

Aum ~ Peace ~ Amen


2 thoughts on “A Day …. or a Life? ~ A Poem by, Lori Wise

  1. The poem is a very good response to natural grandeur.Lori is sensitive as well as emotionally alive! He sense of beauty is acute.I like her poem!

    1. Thanks for reading my poem, Habib! I’m so glad you enjoy it. Blessings for a great day, Dear One~

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