A Day …. or a Life? ~ A Poem by, Lori Wise

There is this book.  It’s a secret book.  A secret book of poems I have written throughout my life lives on the top shelf of the closet, unnoticeable, tucked away.  After many years of neglect, a strange urging prompted me to take the secret book down and open it.  Secured safely inside are the vintage ramblings of a girl who’s only hope was to pour out her heart and soul onto a blank piece of paper, letting the written words heal the pain, or celebrate the joy.

Here is one of those poems …..

A Day … or a Life?

Dusk subsides as dawn takes over.
Another day has been christened.
What a glorious glow the sun has to offer this day.
Rise morning glories … rise!!
Droplets of dew moisten the earth,
glimmering and sparkling like diamonds.
Setting of a portrait.
I must photograph this moment in my mind.
Cool is the morning breeze.
Softly billowing through the trees.
Look alive leaves … look alive!!
Earthworms surface to catch a ray.
All too soon the baby birds are fed.
Morning dew, cool breezes, warm sun rays, birds singing.
The flowers begin to awaken.
Bloom flowers … bloom!!
The sun heads home as it is done for the day.
Goodbye morning glories … goodbye!!
The birds sleep as darkness takes over.
Goodnight leaves … goodnight!!
The cool night air … it begins to linger.
Goodbye blooms … goodbye!!
This day has been beautiful!!
I shall cherish it forever!

by, Lori Wise
July 3, 1990
(‘for P.H.’ is written in the margin, but I cannot remember who P.H. is/was)

Aum ~ Peace ~ Amen


2 thoughts on “A Day …. or a Life? ~ A Poem by, Lori Wise

  1. The poem is a very good response to natural grandeur.Lori is sensitive as well as emotionally alive! He sense of beauty is acute.I like her poem!

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