A Letter A Day

UnknownFor a few years now I’ve wanted to become more consistent with my writing. Not only writing for my blog, but writing to other people. The idea of taking a few minutes to handwrite a note or letter to someone appeals greatly to me. Fond memories of corresponding with pen pals when I was younger make me smile. Even in my teen years I was quite consistent in sharing Love & Light by sending cards to my girlfriends.

This practice that used to bring me such joy has fallen by the wayside. My intention is to reincarnate this practice of handwriting notes and cards to the people in my life.

While walking to the mailbox today to mail a long overdue letter to my brother, all of the sudden, it seemed clear, dare I say even easy? I would write a letter or card to one person everyday then walk to the mailbox a couple of blocks away and mail it. Not only would I be spreading a little writing Love & Light every day, but I would be getting a much needed walk in for myself too!

As usual, whenever a great idea is downloaded to me via the Inspiration Pipeline, the self doubt is close behind. I don’t know what your self doubt sounds like but mine sounds something like this …. “How the hell do you think you are going to have time to write to 365 people this year?” “Do you even know 365 people to write to?” “What the hell are you going to say to 365 different people anyway that is so important?”

Self doubt and I are old friends. Only I’ve broken up with self doubt and replaced it with self love and self trust. Self doubt is clearly having a hard time letting go.  Fortunately, I’m at a place in my life where I realize I don’t have to see the entire staircase before I take the first step. My task is to listen to that Inner Guidance and follow through with it. Even if it seems overwhelming, like writing a letter or card everyday. I trust that tomorrow my Internal Compass will know exactly who to write to and what to say to them because my true heart’s desire is to spread as much sunshine and Light to this world as possible whilst I am here.

imagesSaturday, I wrote and mailed cards to:
-KD, Bowling Green, MO
-RW, Alameda, CA

I’ve already written a card to be mailed today and it’s going to DS in Boise, ID. Perhaps I’ll post updates here on my blog of all the people and places I am writing to.

Do you write cards and letters to your friends and families besides birthdays and Christmas? Did you ever have a penpal or do you have one now?

Aum ~ Peace ~ Amen


2 thoughts on “A Letter A Day

  1. What a wonderful thought! I have been more focused in writing little things every day as well. I started back in October with a gratittude journal. There I write, everyday, the things I am grateful for and why I am grateful for them. I am also doing that on my facebook, using it as a tool to share light instead of what I had for lunch….I love sharing with others how easy it can be to focus on the good instead of letting the bad control our lives. A simple letter, note, card or a phone call without a hiden agenda can make wonders in someone’s life. We never know how our words of kindness can affect someone’s life. Thank you for sharing your experience and idea.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and adding this excellent idea of a gratitude journal! I’ve done them in the past but not currently doing one. Although I am always thankful for the blessings in my life, it is nice to write them down so you can go back and read them. Maybe I’ll start doing one again! 🙂 Blessings, Dear One~

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