That Wise Mirror Quote



I heart quotes.  After collecting them for many years I have amassed a collection that serves me quite well.  I share them via Facebook, twitter and here on my blog.  Sometimes I even share them in my yoga classes.

Quotes are succinct signposts reminding of where to keep my attention. It’s so easy to get distracted by the drama of Life, and quotes help me stay centered and focused.

One way I strategically make use of these guideposts is by writing a quote that strongly resonates with me on the bathroom mirror using a dry-erase marker. The quote will usually be the first words I read upon arising in the morning, which plants the positive seeds of affirmation into my mind and heart at the start of the day.

Throughout the day I usually find mySelf spontaneously pondering the quote several times.  There are even magical moments when I can connect the dots throughout my day or week, or month, or lifetime and see the Truth within the quote manifesting right before my very eyes.   Those are cherished moments of clarity that fuel my deep love of quotes.

After I’ve marinated, ingested, digested and reconciled with whatever the current quote is on the bathroom mirror, I erase and begin anew.  There is no specific time limit.  I’ve had quotes on the mirror for months before they were changed out.  I allow mySelf to just know when it’s time to move on.  So sayeth my Life ….

The previous quote has been ….

Don’t move the way fear makes you move.
Move the way Love makes you move.
Move the way Joy makes you move.

My incoming quote is  …..

For all those years you’ve protected the seed,
it’s time to become the beautiful flower.
~Stephen R. Paul

Recently I’ve experienced some significant Spiritual Awakenings affirming the time is ripe for me to step out of fear and move into expressing the Divine Feminine that I Am.  This quote will help me along this journey of rememberence that I intend to share with you here on my blog.  Your Presence along that journey is a Gift.

~ Namaste, Dear Ones ~

Aum ~ Peace ~ Amen


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