I Am Taking A Spiritual Name

The Fire of the King will descend to roast you
Run like a coward and you’ll always stay unripe.
Open your entire being to Its flames.

Rebirth, by http://www.artbyadelaide.com

Dear Ones,

The time is ripe for me to step out of the ‘spiritual closet’ so to speak, and step more fully into the Light and Love That I Am.

After many years of prayer and meditation upon a spiritual name that more clearly reflects who I Am at my deepest core, my name was recently revealed to me.  It did not feel right for me to seek this name from someone outside of mySelf as is customary by many.  The name needed to come from withIn, from my Higher Self, my Inner God/dess.

My spiritual name is Divya Love Wise.  Divya is an Indian name derived from a sanskrit word that means Light, Divine Light, Divine Brilliance, celestial or angelic.  The word Love represents the deep Divine Love I feel for all Beings.

By taking on this name, I feel as though I am marrying the two (2) parts of mySelf … the egoic Lori Wise the world sees and the Light and Love That I Am at the deepest part of my Being.

Knowing that my higher purpose (dharma) in this lifetime is to elevate the consciousness of the world by sharing the Light That I Am and holding a space of unconditional Divine Love for all Beings, the name Divya Love Wise feels like a welcoming Dear Old Friend that has been patiently waiting for me to arrive at It’s door.

It helps to hear this name spoken to me so please feel free to begin addressing me by this new name.  Divya is a two-syllable word pronounced ‘di-vya’ or ‘div-ya’.  However, for those of you that prefer to continue calling me Lori, that is fine too.  🙂

My heart’s desire is that by more fully stepping into the Divine Light That I Am, and by letting the world see the deeper parts of mySelf, you too will be inspired to more fully step into your own Divine Light (if you haven’t already) and illuminate the world with the Brilliance That You Are.

May All Beings Be Blessed~
Divya Love (Lori) Wise

I Am the Truth of divine union and I marry all within me.
Through love, I unite my male and female within.
I Am the sacred marriage in divine union with All That Is.
I Am That I Am.

Aum ~ Aum ~ Aum

Aum ~ Shanti ~ Amen


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