WebSpiration Wednesday: Mooji, Roar and Be the Lion You Are


Surrender is not a weakness.
It is strength.
It takes tremendous strength to surrender to life,
to the Supreme,
to the Cosmic Unfolding.

A Dose of Dharma has now dubbed Wednesdays “WebSpiration Wednesday” as I begin to share with my readers the Inspirations I find on the web.  There are several people whose messages resonate deeply with me:  Mooji, Teal Scott, The Spirit Science Series, Devine Miracles, and others.

It is my hope that by sharing these moving videos, you too may be opened, moved and expanded more fully into That magnificent union with your Higher Self.

To kick off this new series, I share with you a wonderful video from Mooji, titled Roar and Be the Lion You Are.  Enjoy!

~ May All Beings Be At Peace ~ May All Beings Be Loved ~ May All Beings Be Blessed ~

Aum ~ Peace ~ Amen


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