Wise Words: Leonardo da Vinci

If you find from your own experience
that something is a fact and
it contradicts what some authority has written down,
then you must abandon the authority
and base your reasoning on your own findings.

~Leonardo da Vinci

~ May All Beings Be At Peace ~ May All Beings Be Loved ~ May All Beings Be Blessed

Aum ~ Peace ~ Amen


5 thoughts on “Wise Words: Leonardo da Vinci

  1. This reminds me alot of Buddha’s words – something to the effect of rejecting everything unless it agrees with your own reasoning.

    1. It seems all the great Ones know that the answers are INside ❤

      1. yeah and all the rest are caught up i is looking for answers anywhere but inside!

  2. Wonderful words! Wise and true 🙂

    1. Yes! I’m learning more and more to trust my Internal Compass instead of what society or authority has decided is true. 🙂

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