Natural Dreadlocks for Divya

Long Hair

My hair and I have a special relationship.  I talk to my hair.  I’ve been doing that for a few years.  Every time I brush or wash my hair I tell my hair how much I love it and how thankful I AM it is growing so long and beautiful.

In the past 41 years, my hair always broke off around the shoulder area and never grew any longer.  Until I started talking to it.  Then it started getting stronger, healthier and growing longer than it has ever been.

Around the same time I began talking to my hair, I also started taking some supplements and to be fair, I do think those supplements also helped the health and condition of my hair, mainly EPA/DHA and GLA.

With this practice of talking to my hair, comes the practice of listening.  Yes, that’s right …. listening.  I can hear my hair, or feel the vibration of my hair, and have felt the vibration of dreadlocks for about two (2) years.

Long Hair

When I wash my hair, it tangles and dreads up so easily, that it is really challenging just to comb my hair.  Granted, after giving my hair the attention it needs (washing, conditioning, coloring, highlighting, brushing, styling, etc.), it does look rather luxurious.  I love it!  And so does my ego.

But, alas, the dreadlocks call me from inside my hair.  It wants to dread.  So I AM letting it dread.  Don’t get me wrong, I researched this for two (2) years, watching countless videos on youtube and reading many blogs from those who have dreadlocks.   My choice is to go the natural method, aka the neglect, freeform or organic method.

The natural method requires only washing the hair with non-residue shampoo (like Dr. Bronner’s or baking soda + water) and separating the hair as needed as it forms into dreadlocks.  If you do not separate the clumps as they come together, you will have really large dreadlocks (or congos, which is where two (2) smaller dreadlocks grow into a larger one), which is not what I AM seeking.

I AM chronicling this dreadlocks journey of mine and sharing it with others.  I continue to find the videos and blogs of others to be quite helpful in my own journey, and it’s time for me to give back and share my journey to help others.

My dreadlocks birthday is October 20, 2013 and I’ve recorded two (2) videos thus far.  The first video is Day One of Divya’s Dreads …….

……and the second video is a Week One update.

I did record a Week 2 update, but for some reason the sound is not in sync with the video and I am very new at this video making and editing and don’t know how to fix it.  Therefore, I have a picture to share with you at my 2 Week + 2 Day mark.

2 Week + 2 Day dreadlocks

I hope you enjoy watching my dreadlocks videos. May they provide you with the help and information you seek on your dreadlocks journey.

I AM loving my dreadlocks more with each day and continue to thank my hair for growing and being beautiful.  The dreadier they become, the more beautiful and like mySelf I feel.

I AM already feeling the dreadlocks stretching me from the INside out as my perspective of my own Beauty shifts and expands.  Even though my ego is seriously pissed and screaming at me, “WTF kind of fuckery is on your head?!?!”, I feel like a Divine Lotus Flower blooming from the INside out.  I AM feeling my Inner Goddess getting more powerful and comfortable revealing HerSelf.

Despite the overwhelming fear when sharing with others (public, family, friends) my dreadlocks in all their crazy, loopy, goofy glory …. I manage to stare my ego’s fear right in the face, and walk right through it …. rocking my baby dreads for all to see, knowing that every time I let mySelf be me, no matter how far off from the ‘norm’ it is (btw, the ‘norm’ is severely overrated), I give all those who see Me permission to follow those glorious crazy, loopy, goofy and inspirational whispers from their own heart.  And THAT is worth walking through fear for……..

Namaste, Dear Ones ~

Aum ~ Peace ~ Amen


2 thoughts on “Natural Dreadlocks for Divya

  1. Very interesting. I think my hair has been wanting me to stop dying it forever and I have been in a dead lock battle with my ego…Your post is very inspiring thank you so much for sharing. Your beauty is shining through! Love and Light. Namaste

    1. Yes, that darned ego is pretty compelling! It’s been 6 weeks now and I still feel panicky at times but at least I recognize the panic as an ego tactic. That peaceful, calm voice from my heart still says, “Dread, Dear One” ❤ I'm looking forward to your mandalas as I have also started to draw them. Blessings of Love & Light to You ~ Namaste~

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