Daily Prompt: Fifteen Minutes | I AM Essence

Fifteen Minutes

You have 15 minutes to address the whole world live (on television or radio – choose your format).  What would you say?

Photographers, artists, poets:  show us THE BIG MOMENT

I AM Essence

Greetings, Fellow BEings on planet Earth,

You are all perfect Divine Beings.  You forgot this as you entered into this physical 3D world to inhabit Mother Earth.  Some of you remember your I AM Essence.

For those of you who have yet to remember your I AM Essence, let this be the wake call that sparks your Divine Rememberance of All That Is, which is You.

Until your embodiment in this physical form is complete, spend your time doing what benefits the Whole of Life.  Love One Another.  Put aside any conflict over the differences and embrace the diversity of All BEings.

You are Loved beyond measure and when you see the multitude of Divine Support always at your side, you will be amazed at your magnificence.

I love you and see you for your I AM Essence.  Look in the mirror and Love yourSelf, and see your I Am Essence.

Then go out into Mother Earth and see All as the I AM Essence.

Peace, Love & Light ~

DivyaLove Wise

~ Aum ~ And So It Is ~ Aum ~


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