Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure, Meet The Sidneys

In this week’s Photo Challenge, we are to post something that we treasure, something that is most important to us …..

Meet The Sidneys, my most treasured items.  The brown bear on the left is Sid2, short for Sidney the II.  He is a replacement bear for the original Sidney, the white bear on the right. The original Sidney was given to me by my first husband for my 18th birthday.

The Sidneys

I have slept with the original Sidney every night for about 24 years, repairing him all along as he started falling apart.  This loyal worn out bear has soaked up more tears than I care to tell.  He has been there with me through marriages, divorces and the birth of my son (literally, in the bed with me as I was delivering my son).  Sidney has moved from Florida to California by way of Denver with me, never leaving my side.

About 2 years ago Sidney became nearly decapitated and I started seeking a replacement bear.  You see, after all these years, I can’t sleep without holding a bear in my arms.  For 22 years, if Sidney fell out of the bed at night, I would wake up and pick him up off the floor and put him back in my arms.

One day, while riding my bike through the neighborhood I came upon a yard sale that had a cute brown teddy bear who looked brand new and had no funny smells.  I held him in my arms and instantly knew he was the new bear for me!   I brought him home riding in the basket of my bicycle with a happy smile on his face.  Immediately I washed him and dubbed him Sidney the II, Sid2 for short.  He’s been in my arms every night since.

Just in case you’re doing the math …. yes, I am a 44 year old woman that still sleeps with a teddy bear.  I’m really just a little girl at heart. ❤

Thanks for stopping by to read about my most treasured item(s).  What is your most treasured item?

Aum ~ Peace ~ Amen

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