Happy with Mooji, music by Pharrell Williams [VIDEO]


It filled my heart with joy to see Mooji participating in the “Happy” videos everyone is posting on you tube from around the world.

Hopefully this video will bring a smile to your heart and face today as it did mine. 🙂

Aum ~ Peace ~ Amen


Weekly Photo Challenge: One ~ Snail


Weekly Photo Challenge:  One
(This week, we want to see photos that focus on one thing.)

So there’s this snail ….. and It visited me one morning while I was meditating underneath the lemon tree.  I didn’t see It until after I had opened my eyes.  Under the influence of my meditation, Snail and I bonded.  We were One.


In the One Moment, I felt the cold sidewalk underneath my snail belly and it felt good.  I felt the morning dew penetrating through my strong but delicate snail shell body and it felt good.  I smiled my little snail smile as I looked up at this human version of my snail self and it felt good. Continue reading

Natural Dreadlocks for Divya

Long Hair

My hair and I have a special relationship.  I talk to my hair.  I’ve been doing that for a few years.  Every time I brush or wash my hair I tell my hair how much I love it and how thankful I AM it is growing so long and beautiful.

In the past 41 years, my hair always broke off around the shoulder area and never grew any longer.  Until I started talking to it.  Then it started getting stronger, healthier and growing longer than it has ever been. Continue reading

WebSpiration Wednesday: The Highest Choice, by Mooji

While you have the sense of choice, you exercise choice.
The most important choice you have is to keep the attention in the stable place of the seer.

~ May All Beings Be Free From Suffering ~ May All Beings Be At Peace

Aum ~ Peace ~ Amen