Weekly Photo Challenge: One ~ Snail


Weekly Photo Challenge:  One
(This week, we want to see photos that focus on one thing.)

So there’s this snail ….. and It visited me one morning while I was meditating underneath the lemon tree.  I didn’t see It until after I had opened my eyes.  Under the influence of my meditation, Snail and I bonded.  We were One.


In the One Moment, I felt the cold sidewalk underneath my snail belly and it felt good.  I felt the morning dew penetrating through my strong but delicate snail shell body and it felt good.  I smiled my little snail smile as I looked up at this human version of my snail self and it felt good. Continue reading


Red Light Revelations ~ by, Lori Wise

Leaving my First Aid/CPR certification class Saturday morning, happy to have gotten out a little early, I cruise down the road listening to my favorite tunes on my iPod. As I gain momentum on the road, suddenly the stoplight changed red.  It wasn’t one of those, “oh, I can make it through before it turns red” light.  I stopped so abruptly I was left the first person at the light.  This is happening several times in a row.  On the fourth stop in a row, my frustration is growing rapidly.  Awareness came over me and I clearly saw this red light occurrence mirroring Life.   Continue reading

A Yoga Teacher’s Prayer ~ by, Lori Wise


Sharing yoga with others fills me with pure joy.  I feel blessed beyond measure to share and teach yoga as a profession.  Many times I forget that I’m actually getting paid as yoga feels so natural to me, as though I am just sharing a part of myself with others.

Among the standard preparations for my yoga classes, such as researching, planning, practicing, etc., there is a prayer that flows from the halls of my heart directly to Divine Mother’s ears before every opportunity to share yoga.  I thought I would share it with you today….. Continue reading

Letting Go ~ by, Lori Wise

Today is a tough day for me.   I gave my son over to the US Navy last night.  He leaves today for bootcamp in Chicago, Illinois.  He is going to be a Mineman.  Part of me feels happy and proud for him and part of me feels like my heart is in my throat choking off the very air I breathe …. and then part of me feels peace and calm knowing that he is fulfilling his own dharma. Continue reading

Mani/Pedi Revelations ~ by, Lori Wise

Description: It is a wall painting found in th...

Relaxing in the chair that massages my back while my pedicurist, Phan, was carefully and meticulously perfecting my toenails and my feet, I felt an overwhelming sense of healing and Love from Divine Mother flowing through her to me. Continue reading