Fingers, A Prose Poem by Divya Love Wise

Writing201, Assignment #7, Prompt:  Fingers.  Form:  Prose Poetry.  Devine:  Assonance.

photo credit: Divya Love Wise, taken in Florence, Italy at the Mercato Centrale


Italian fingers in the know, One (or ten) with the dough.  Separating with precision for your pizza to go.  Wise beyond their digits, they feel, they move, they go with the flow of their long held knowing.  Tasting slow growth perfection in the Mother Dough, even though you go, you know, you’ll be back for more.





Daily Prompt: I Got Skills ~ Buon Giorno

Today’s Daily Prompt:  If you could choose to be a master (or mistress) of any skill in the world, which skill would you pick?

Language.  I love the sound of various languages.  They sound like melodies to my ear and I long to be able to speak other languages.  I took two (2) years of Spanish in high school but that was so long ago the only things I remember are how to ask for another beer and where is the bathroom.  Since I don’t drink alcohol, that leaves me with one (1) usable (although very important) Spanish sentence.


View from the restaurant balcony at the top of the Westin Exelsior Hotel in Florence, Italy
photo credit: Lori Wise

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