Fingers, A Prose Poem by Divya Love Wise

Writing201, Assignment #7, Prompt:  Fingers.  Form:  Prose Poetry.  Devine:  Assonance.

photo credit: Divya Love Wise, taken in Florence, Italy at the Mercato Centrale


Italian fingers in the know, One (or ten) with the dough.  Separating with precision for your pizza to go.  Wise beyond their digits, they feel, they move, they go with the flow of their long held knowing.  Tasting slow growth perfection in the Mother Dough, even though you go, you know, you’ll be back for more.





The WingMakers | A Poem


The WingMakers

I am destined to sit on the riverbank
awaiting words from the naked trees
and brittle flowers that have lost their nectar.
A thousand unblinking eyes
stare out across the water
from the other side.
Their mute voices seek rewards of another kind.
Their demure smiles leave me hollow. Continue reading

A Day …. or a Life? ~ A Poem by, Lori Wise

There is this book.  It’s a secret book.  A secret book of poems I have written throughout my life lives on the top shelf of the closet, unnoticeable, tucked away.  After many years of neglect, a strange urging prompted me to take the secret book down and open it.  Secured safely inside are the vintage ramblings of a girl who’s only hope was to pour out her heart and soul onto a blank piece of paper, letting the written words heal the pain, or celebrate the joy.

Here is one of those poems …..
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She Let Go – An Inspirational Poem

Last week I received an email from a blog I subscribe to, Capricious Yogi.  It was a poem that deeply touched my soul.  I read it the following evening to the yoga students that came to my Restorative Yoga class and they loved it.  I read it to a longtime Dear Friend over the phone and both of us were moved to tears, but for different reasons.   Continue reading

You Are ~ A Poem by, Lori Wise


Photo credit:

Inspiration can come from unexpected places.  A friend posted a status update on Facebook a few days ago that read, “How do you learn to love yourself???”  My response was the following:

“by letting go of all that is not Love …. then you can see that you are Pure Love already”

My friend’s question, coupled with my yearning to further explain my response lead to the following poem …… Continue reading