WebSpiration Wednesday: Mooji, Roar and Be the Lion You Are


Surrender is not a weakness.
It is strength.
It takes tremendous strength to surrender to life,
to the Supreme,
to the Cosmic Unfolding.

A Dose of Dharma has now dubbed Wednesdays “WebSpiration Wednesday” as I begin to share with my readers the Inspirations I find on the web.  There are several people whose messages resonate deeply with me:  Mooji, Teal Scott, The Spirit Science Series, Devine Miracles, and others.

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A Yoga Teacher’s Prayer ~ by, Lori Wise


Sharing yoga with others fills me with pure joy.  I feel blessed beyond measure to share and teach yoga as a profession.  Many times I forget that I’m actually getting paid as yoga feels so natural to me, as though I am just sharing a part of myself with others.

Among the standard preparations for my yoga classes, such as researching, planning, practicing, etc., there is a prayer that flows from the halls of my heart directly to Divine Mother’s ears before every opportunity to share yoga.  I thought I would share it with you today….. Continue reading

Letting Go ~ by, Lori Wise

Today is a tough day for me.   I gave my son over to the US Navy last night.  He leaves today for bootcamp in Chicago, Illinois.  He is going to be a Mineman.  Part of me feels happy and proud for him and part of me feels like my heart is in my throat choking off the very air I breathe …. and then part of me feels peace and calm knowing that he is fulfilling his own dharma. Continue reading